dunnhumby put simply

dunnhumby put simply, is just that.

It sets out the dunnhumby strategy (the why, how, what pyramid); our beliefs and values; and the customer model (how we deliver value to clients)

The dunnhumby strategy

Why we exist as a company, how we make it happen and what we will do to realise our potential.


The dunnhumby strategy


Our beliefs and values

Our beliefs are the core convictions we hold to be true. Our values underpin our culture and are the behaviours we expect when we work, communicate and interact with others.

Our beliefs and valuesBeliefs

start with data: customers tell us the right thing to do through the data

our great people: great people are what sets us apart

genius of simplicity: true genius comes from making the complex simple

customer first: if you’re loyal to customers, they’ll be loyal to you


curiosity: we have an endless appetite to understand, challenge, innovate and learn

passion: we are relentless in our positive enthusiasm

courage: we take the right route not always the easy one

collaboration: we work best when we work together

The customer model

The way we deliver value to clients.

How we create measurable valueOur brilliant work helps companies put the customer at the centre of every decision.

All our work starts with data. We primarily use sources that reflect behaviour, such as transactions and loyalty cards but also overlay research, media and online data. We then turn this data into data insights that tell us what action to take.

Using these insights we personalise the experience by enabling our clients to deliver a more relevant offering to each customer, both in communications and in the retail environment, on and offline. This helps our clients demonstrate their loyalty to their customers.

We work with clients to change the organisation, embedding the principle of ‘customer first’ into their everyday decisions and ways of working.

Customers repay that loyalty by buying one more product, one more time. This increases sales and profit margin, or - put simply - grows measurable value for our clients.